Estate Settlement Appraisals in CA by Leslie A. DeCicco, SRPA

Settling an estate is often stressful, but a very important job. As an executor you have been entrusted to carry out the wishes of the deceased as promptly and respectfully as possible. You can count on us to act quickly and with as much respect to the feelings of everyone involved.

We've shown that we're experts in supplying excellent appraisals that attorneys and accountants have come to depend on. Usually, everyone involved will have differing expectations of how the appraisal process should work; however, our experience of the estate process will, without a doubt, satisfy all parties involved. We compose appraisal reports that transcend the necessities of the courts and different groups.

Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your specialized estate appraisal essentials and how we can put our business acumen to work for you.

Generally, settling an estate necessitates an detailed appraisal report to acquire fair market value for the property to the satisfaction of the parties involved. We know that when you lose a loved one, ordering an appraisal report is the furthest thought from your mind. Of course, you have to take care of your loved ones first. Our professional staff is comfortable with the procedures and requirements necessary to perform a retroactive appraisal with an effective date and fair market value estimate matching the exact date of death. The ethics provision listed within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) attunes our appraisers to confidentiality, ensuring the fullest degree of discretion for you.

Most people don't realize that the IRS requires reports filed to support the numbers involved in estate sales.

An exhaustive report showing the appraiser's opinion of value is required to support the methods the appraiser used to come to his conclusions. This sort of report will certainly demonstrate the evidence that the numbers provided within the report are well-founded and accurate.

Having a professional report from Leslie A. DeCicco, SRPA gives the executor irrefutable facts and figures to work with in meeting IRS and CA state agency requirements. It assures peace of mind to everyone concerned because we will always be there to stand behind the report if it is ever challenged.

One of the most necessary requirements in an appraisal is an appraiser-backed opinion of value in a comprehensive explanation as to how the appraiser came to his conclusion.

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